Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

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Mindcentric at ParkCity Medical Centre believes in a holistic approach to mental health. Our team of highly skilled experts takes into consideration the physical, social and psychological factors that affect a person's mental well being.

Every effort is made to provide high quality care with attention to the individualized treatment of each patient. At ParkCity Medical Centre, we help you to restore and manage your emotions and behaviour as well as improve your functional abilities. This includes using the appropriate medications in the management of a person’s condition.

Remember, mental illness does not have to control your life. Let us work together to deal with the problem.

It can be tough… but you’re not alone!

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Due to the rapid changes occurring in society as well as in the environment, patterns of disease are changing as well, with lifestyle-related illnesses becoming more important. Mental health is also gaining increasing importance as people experience the stress brought about by a rapidly changing world.

In recognition of this, ParkCity Medical Centre has established a Mental Health Clinic, designed to provide both psychotherapeutic and pharmacological interventions for those with mental health issues.

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