Vision and Mission


To be the leading healthcare provider in Asia by delivering world class healthcare and high quality outcomes to our customers as well as ensuring the sustainability of our organization.


  • Customer-focused preventive, diagnostic and curative healthcare services that deliver superior outcomes and touch all individuals.
  • Promote, improve and sustain excellent integrated healthcare services where innovation and teaching are integral to the delivery of care.
  • Quality education that nurtures competent and compassionate healthcare personnel.
  • Deliver, improve and sustain all stakeholders’ interests and returns.

Core Values

Our Core Values help us achieve our Mission. They represent the reason we exist. All our companies and employees should embody these Core Values in our daily activities.

  • Excel in everything we do.
  • Care and compassion from the heart.
  • Innovate for continual improvement.
  • Teamwork and respect from one another.
  • Ethics & integrity in our practice

Quality Policy

It is our policy to provide the highest achievable quality of care to our customers by:

  • Adhering to our core values
  • Monitoring customer feedback and operational systems
  • Training and developing our staff to achieve excellence

Environment, Safety & Health (ESH) Policy

We are committed to providing and sustaining a safe, healthy and conducive environment for all our staff, doctors, patients, visitors, vendors and the surrounding community.

To achieve this fundamental goal, we shall:

  • Implement policies and procedures to fully comply with all applicable environment, safety and health laws and other requirements of Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Promote environment, safety and health awareness amongst all staff, patients, doctors, students, visitors, vendors and other users of our facilities.
  • Institute proactive measures to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses and to prevent pollution to the environment through 4R initiatives (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle).
  • Provide adequate resources, communication and training opportunities in support of environment, safety and health activities.
  • Perform regular surveillance, monitor and review all environment, safety and health related activities for continual improvement.

With the commitment and support from the Management in achieving the above policy, all staff and relevant parties shall take individual responsibility to safeguard their own safety and health as well as those of others and be committed to protecting the environment by adhering to the Corporate’s environment, safety and health policies and procedures.