Code of Business Conduct

CAH Medical Centres hold themselves and their employees to the highest standards of business practice and corporate integrity. We operate with transparency at all times, and with the best intentions of our patients as the primary driver behind everything that we do. We deliver healthcare you can trust.

The Code of Business Conduct (COBC) handbook provides guidance on the standards of behaviour expected of all directors and employees of CAH Medical Centres, and where applicable, counterparts and business partners. These vital standards of behaviour are derived from the Group’s core values and business principles.

The COBC applies to all directors and employees of the group. This includes employees on secondment to joint ventures, affiliates or associates. Counterparts are also expected to comply with this handbook when representing CAH Medical Centres. Business partners are encouraged to adopt similar principles and standards of behaviour. The COBC applies to all business and countries in which CAH Medical Centres operates.

Ours is an organisation built on trust, and we trust the staff and affiliates of CAH Medical Centres to operate in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct at all times.