Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery is to diagnose and treat various breast conditions, including breast cancer. We perform thousands of surgical procedures each year for women and men with breast concerns. Our doctors have advanced training and expertise in breast surgery and breast surgical oncology.

Breast Surgeons

At ParkCity Medical Centre, we develop personalised treatment plans based on your medical and personal needs, and the details of your specific breast condition. We aim to provide an efficient, friendly and high quality service for all our patients.

Breast Surgery At PMC, Malaysia

Breast surgery is a type of medical procedure that involves altering a woman's or man's breasts. It can be done for various reasons, such as to improve the appearance of one's breasts or to remove cancer. Some of the procedures that are commonly performed are breast reduction and augmentation.

Breast cancer can be treated through two different types of surgery: lumpectomy and mastectomy. After these procedures, additional procedures can be performed, such as lymph node dissection and breast reconstruction.

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One of the most common types of surgical procedures that can be performed to treat breast cancer is a mastectomy. This type of operation is usually carried out to remove one or both breasts. In some cases, it can also be used as a preventive measure. Another common type of surgical procedure that can be performed to treat breast cancer is a lumpectomy. This operation involves removing a lump or portion of breast tissue.

A mastectomy is a surgery to remove breast tissue. Some of the skin and the nipple may also be removed. It is one of the most common procedures that can be performed to treat breast cancer. This surgical removal is usually carried out to treat the disease. In some cases, it can be done as a preventive measure. Another type of operation is a wide local excision, which involves taking out a small portion of the breast tissue to conserve it. Mastectomy is referred to as local therapy for breast cancer. They target cancer's location instead of systemic treatments such as chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.

Why Would Patients Need Breast Surgery?

There are various medical and cosmetic reasons why women need breast surgery. Some of these include breast cancer, breast reduction, and non-cancerous breast lumps. In addition, there are people who want to have a different shape or size of their breasts.

The decision to have a mastectomy or radiation therapy is influenced by various factors, such as the size of the breast, the aggressiveness of the cancer, and the availability of supplemental radiation. Studies have shown that radical breast surgery, which involves removing the entire breast, does not always prevent later-stage tumours from arising. In most cases, the overall survival rate following a mastectomy and radiation therapy is similar. Although there are different types of breast cancer procedures that can be performed, the clinical guidelines for both therapies remain the same.

Seeking for a Surgeon: Who Performs Breast Surgery?

Breast surgeons are specialists who perform various procedures to treat breast conditions and diseases. They can perform lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, breast biopsy, and other breast-related surgeries. For example, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, it's important that you choose the right treatment team, and this includes a breast surgeon.

Breast surgeons can perform various types of diagnostic tests and health screenings, such as breast ultrasound, mammography, and MRI. These machines produce detailed images of the breast. They perform a wide range of procedures and treatments to treat various conditions and diseases and use minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic surgery.

In most cases, your doctor or other specialists will refer you to a breast surgeon who is highly regarded. Before choosing a particular surgeon, it is important to check the qualifications of the individual.

Before choosing a breast surgeon, it's important that you ask him or her about their experience and training. You should also consider the quality of the facility where they perform their procedures. If you need expert care, you can find a breast surgeon through online reviews, distance, insurance, and other features.

Breast Specialist Doctor: The Initial Procedure

At PMC, our breast surgeons specialize in the surgical care of breast diseases and conditions. Breast surgeons perform breast biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and other procedures to treat many breast conditions, including breast cancer in both men and women.

When you see our breast specialists, they will meet and discuss your disease concerns and medical and family history. Then, invariably, you will be asked to proceed to the breast examination. The breast exam may or may not include an ultrasound of the breast then.

Combining a comprehensive understanding of breast diseases and extensive experience in diagnosing and carrying out breast reconstruction procedures are valuable characteristics that our breast specialists' and breast surgeons' excellence is built upon in providing the care you need.

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Our Breast Specialists

Dr Azlina Firzah Bt Abdul Aziz

Consultant Breast Surgeon
Breast Surgery, Endocrine Surgery

Dr Teh Mei Sze

Consultant Breast Surgeon (Oncoplastic)
Breast Surgery

Professor Emeritus Dato' Dr Yip Cheng Har

Professor Emeritus, Consultant Breast Surgeon
Breast Surgery