VaccineProtect Promotional Package

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VP Injection Icon PNG Injection Icon PNG Vaccine
Promo Price: RM60 (Normal Price: RM74)
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VP Pneumoncoccal (conjugated) Pneumococcal
Promo Price: RM245 (Normal Price: RM288.50)
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VP Flu-Pneumo (conjugated) Combo
Promo Price: RM280 (Normal Price: RM362.50)
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VP HPV Complete (9 Valent) Gardasil x 3
Promo Price: RM1,450 (Normal Price: RM1,783.50)
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VP Hepatitis B Complete Hepatitis B x 3
Promo Price: RM160 (Normal Price: RM362.50)

Terms and conditions:

  • This promotion is valid till 31 March 2024.
  • This promotion only applicable to ParkCity Medical Centre.
  • Package Price is subject to changes without notice.
  • Not valid with any other promotion.

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