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Spinal Lumbar & Hip DEXA

Price: RM180 (NP: RM371)

Promotion Period
1st Dec 2022 – 30th Nov 2023

What you need to know before your health screening:

Time Allocation & Appointments
Please allocate one day (six to eight hours) to complete your program, especially Comprehensive and Premium packages. You are strongly encouraged to undergo your health screening as early as possible in a calendar year to avoid peak periods from October to December.

You are required to fast at least 10 hours prior to your health screening. Plain water is allowed during the fasting period.

For the ladies
We recommend to set your appointment for health screening while you are not having your period and at least 14 days after the first day of your period. You should also be sure that you are not pregnant as the X-rays are harmful to the fetus.

Please bring your NRIC or passport (for international customers) and company/payor Guarantee Letter (if applicable).

Choose the right package
Let us know if you can’t decide on which package – our advisers will guide you.

Blood tests
All blood samples are performed by skilled phlebotomists resulting in accurate and painless blood-drawing every time.

Make sure to remove all accessories (jewellery, watches, etc.) before any X-ray procedures i.e. Chest X-ray, Bone Density Scan.

Ultrasound Abdomen and Pelvis
For a better view of the internal organs, you are required to fast for ultrasound of the abdomen and have a full bladder for pelvis ultrasound. We advise abstaining from going to the toilet at least 1 hour prior to the examination. The procedure will take about 30 minutes and can become uncomfortable due to the full bladder.

Treadmill stress test
Our doctors will assess if you are fit enough to do this test beforehand. You are advised to wear comfortable shoes and clothing as sweating is expected.

Health Screening Report
This will however depend on whether it is the non-peak period or otherwise. For screening packages that include Pap Test, Pap Test result will only be known within 4 days. If you are returning on another day for Part 2 (review and consultation with doctor), the Pap Test result will be included in your Health Screening Report.

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