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ParkCity Medical Centre (PMC) is committed to providing, and sustaining a safe, healthy and conducive environment through this unprecedented situation. In the true spirit of “People Caring for People”, our key focus at PMC continues to be prioritising the well-being of our staff, doctors, and patients.


Our hospital is open as usual, for any one of anyone who needs medical attention. However, when you come to the hospital you will see that we have strict screening procedures in place.

You will be required to complete a Health Declaration Form that informs us that you are healthy and safe to enter the hospital. At the same time, we will do a temperature check to ensure that you do not have fever. We also check our doctors and staff every day.

Hand sanitisers are located throughout the hospital and all our eateries offer take away services only. Seating is separated in the clinic areas and other parts of the hospital to ensure that safe distances are maintained as per the MOH guidelines.

These measures are designed to ensure that we are not bringing carriers of Covid19 infections into the hospital and to ensure that you, your loved ones and our staff are as safe as possible during this period.


Friends and family offer an invaluable element of support at what can often be a difficult time. At ParkCity Medical Centre we want to enable that support as part of the compassionate care that we deliver.

As we move forward, kindly be informed of the updated Visitor Policy.

  • Visiting hours revised as following:
    • General Wards: 11.00am – 9.30pm
    • Critical Care Units (CCU): 10.00am – 12.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Number of visitors as following:
    • General Wards: Two (2) visitors are allowed per each patient.
    • Critical Care Units (CCU): One (1) visitor is allowed per each patient.
  • Room-in caregiver is allowed and shall be screened negative using professional RTK test within 24 hours before arriving at hospital.
  • No room-in caregiver is allowed at CCU
  • The visitor must fulfil the following criteria:
    • Children below the age of 12 are not allowed, as ward visitors.
    • All ward visitors must be fully vaccinated and under the “Low Risk & No Symptom” on MySejahtera App.
    • Kindly wear face mask, practice hand hygiene and physical distancing.

Entry to hospital other stipulated time for clinical discussion and training is allowed with prior arrangement.

The Hospital management reserves the right to determine any situation that is necessary to restrict entry into hospital premises in accordance with the latest MOH guidelines.

  1. ParkCity Medical Centre
    1. Inpatient Visitors
      1. No visitors will be allowed for adult patients
      2. Only 1 visitor at any one time will be allowed for paediatric and critically ill patients
      3. Where an inpatient requires a permanent carer, an additional visitor will be allowed
      4. In certain circumstances where the patient is terminally ill, more than 1 visitor may be allowed on a case by case basis
    2. Clinic Attendances - Outpatient
      1. 1 support person/guardian per patient will be permitted for outpatient attendances EXCEPT for patients who require assistance

1 carer per patient will be permitted for outpatient attendance EXCEPT for patients who require assistance


  1. Is PMC still open?
    PMC is open and operating as usual. We accept patient appointments and surgical operations and procedures are conducted as per usual.
  2. Is PMC allowing visitors?
    There is nothing more important than yours and your families’ health. That is our priority too, and to protect all our patients, and staff, PMC have made some changes while there is a threat of COVID-19 transmission. These changes include a new visitors’ policy in line with the government’s Movement Control Order.
  3. Is PMC doing COVID-19 tests?
    Yes. The hospital has a dedicated station located at ER department. The test is a RT-PCR test and you will be able to obtain the results within 36 – 72 hours. The cost of the test is MYR 350.
    For further information you may contact our 24 hours Careline on the number below:
    ParkCity Medical Centre: +603 5639 1616.
  4. Is PMC providing medication delivery to home?
    Yes, we do. The hospital offers Home Medication Delivery or Pick Up Services for our own hospital patients only. New patients are not eligible for this service. We provide free delivery to homes within a 20 km radius, as part of our commitment to delivering high-quality personalised care to our patients. For more information, kindly contact our hospital pharmacy at
    ParkCity Medical Centre: +603 6279 3071 (Mon – Fri, 8 am – 6 pm)
  5. Further Information
    Please check the government website at for the latest details on COVID-19.