ParkCity Medical Centre bags Healthcare Asia Awards for cutting-edge paediatric ward

The development of technological innovations, such as PMC’s i-Kiddo ward, has transformed the healthcare landscape.

Multidisciplinary private hospital ParkCity Medical Centre (PMC) secured the Smart Hospital Initiative of the Year - Malaysia category win at the recently held Healthcare Asia Awards 2024 for the successful launch of its i-Kiddo Ward. This ward aims to create a healing environment and a sustainable future.

PMC established the i-Kiddo Ward in collaboration with its homegrown brand, TM One, and leveraged the latter’s Smart Patient Suite in the paediatric ward.

The i-Kiddo ward is furnished with a Smart Patient Suite solution that harnesses the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to create personalised and patient-centred care services for paediatric patients. Each of the 35 rooms within the ward is equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure capabilities, driven by IoT for automation and surround control.

Patients can effortlessly use wireless communication systems, enabling them to control lighting, air conditioning, and curtains easily through voice instructions. They can also connect to the Wi-Fi network to access devices such as smartphone interfaces for entertainment during their hospital stay.

The company stated that these active distraction strategies provide opportunities for patients to engage in games and music that can reduce stress and anxiety, facilitating patients’ recovery.

The implementation of IoT in the i-Kiddo ward has helped reduce the non-nursing workload and increase efficiency. The built-in feature of motion-sensor lights in the room toilet also has a significant positive effect on PMC’s energy-saving initiatives.

“By embracing digital technologies, nurses have reported seeing smiles on young patients’ faces during medication serving and doctor’s rounds because of the white noise. The white noise helps to calm anxious patients and their caregivers, whilst the songs and storytelling features serve as entertainment for patients and their parents,” the company said.

Additionally, to assess stakeholder satisfaction with the new initiatives, PMC conducted a customer-centred survey regarding i-Kiddo's Smart Patient Suite. Over six months, 103 participants were surveyed, yielding an average rating of 4.94 out of 5, with 97% of parents awarding a full-star rating.

PMC aims to be a smart hospital, where digital technologies are the way forward to improve patient experience, automate processes, and enhance the productivity of healthcare workers, reshaping the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. “The evolution of IoT, AI, and digitalisation integration aims to create a seamless healthcare ecosystem, providing more personalised and patient-centred services to the community, ultimately shaping a brighter and smarter future for healthcare,” the company said.

Healthcare Asia Awards recognise exceptional healthcare providers that have redefined the standards of healthcare through their unwavering dedication to innovation, setting new industry benchmarks, and making substantial contributions to their communities.

The Healthcare Asia Awards is presented by Healthcare Asia Magazine.