24hr Medical Emergency Care

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department provides 24 hour medical care supported by the pathology and x-ray facilities. Our patients well-being is our top priority, with specialist staff on hand to ensure patients are stabilised and pain and anxiety is minimised.

The Department is proud of its reputation for providing a fast, efficient service with minimal waiting periods and speedy referral to a specialist of choice. If appropriate, patients can be transferred from emergency directly to the catheter lab for immediate balloon angioplasty and stenting.

How to get there

Patients can present directly to ParkCity Medical Centre, or can request to be taken there by ambulance.

  • No appointment is necessary
  • No referral from your doctor is necessary

Emergency Department Fees

As a private Emergency Department there are fees for all consultations, including pathology testing. Fees vary according to the time and treatment necessary.

ParkCity Medical Centre offers no up-front charges* at the Emergency Department prior to seeing a doctor or having any tests. Payment is now required at the time of discharge. (*Previously, a pre-authorisation of RM300 was taken on a credit card prior to seeing a doctor – this is no longer required.)

Payments can be made by cash, Mastercard and Visa.